Tutorial Cara Membuat Intro Glitch Logo Keren Animation Youtube Di Hp Android Kinemaster | Intro 12

Learn how to make a Youtube intro easily! These intro clips will help you brand your videos and succeed on YouTube. 

An intro is a short clip at the beginning of a YouTube video that introduces the topic and, usually, the vlogger. YouTube intro videos usually include things like the name of your channel and your logo if you have one. The colors, music, and graphics you use in your intro should all be related to the theme and tone of your vlog.

Making a professional YouTube intro with exciting motion graphics and text does not need to be so complicated. Not only does Filmora make it easy to make your YouTube intros, but the Filmora team is also giving away ten themed intros for free (these kinds of add-ons from the effects store typically come with a price tag). 

The two most important things to consider while making an intro are: keep it relevant and keep it short. If your intro doesn’t fit in with the content that follows it people will get confused, and if it lasts too long people will get bored and click away. Five seconds is the ideal length. It can be shorter, but only once your channel gains some popularity and you need the intro less.

Let’s start with creating a new project. You can see, right above the timeline, there’s a menu with all the different things that you can add into your timeline. I’m gonna pick this one that says “Text/Credit” because we’re working on making a YouTube Intro. To the left, Filmora categorizes all the different options I can choose from. As you can see, Filmora already comes with a lot of free openers and titles. But I’m gonna choose this folder which includes the ten intros from the giveaway.
Since I like to travel, I’m gonna select a travel-themed opener. Let’s check this one out. Yeah! That looks good. I’m gonna add that into my timeline and change the text to say “Dan’s Travels.” Ok.

Let’s put some music in the background. Filmora comes with a lot royalty-free music you can use in your films. I’m just gonna use the first track from the Electronic category. We don’t need the entire song so I’m just gonna cut it down. 

I want my intro to show some of my travel videos so I’ll upload some of those and put them in the background as well. Yeah! That’s exactly what I want.

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▪ Intro = Download

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    That’s how easy it is to make your YouTube intro in Filmora! Don’t forget to click the link below to get 10 FREE YouTube intros along with a trial version of Filmora Video Editor. I can’t wait to see your intros and don’t forget to subscribe. See ya next time!
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